Why opt for clay masks?

 When we develop small imperfections on the face, we often resort to the use of certain natural remedies, of which clay is the most known because of its many advantages. This natural treatment can be used in the form of a mask or in powder form. Find out here why clay masks are more preferred.

For its detoxifying and remineralizing nature

Clay has many benefits for the face and also for the human body. It can absorb sebum from the skin and remove impurities and toxins from the face. On this site argiletz.com you will have more details. Indeed, clay is not only remineralizing but also and especially detoxifying. It provides the body with ideal components for its proper development such as magnesium, zinc, calcium or even iron and ensures the rebalancing of the epidermis. It relieves skin irritations and provides skin renewal. The clay mask favors a hydration of the skin thanks to its water content. When it is applied on the face, it dries and dehydrates the skin. It is therefore not recommended to let it dry on the face. It is also known to damage the fat that protects the skin. It is besides for this reason that it is necessary at all costs to restore this barrier after a mask. Note also that clays in powder or paste form are ideal for cosmetic use because they are easy to use. For example, the ready-to-use paste lasts less time than dry clay.

Perfect for all skin types

Whether you have combination or oily skin, clay is perfect for giving your face a comfortable softness without pimples and blemishes. It is used to treat acne and facial wrinkles. Also clay helps to tighten the pores and would be for this purpose, a very effective product to fight against all the impurities of the body. Indeed, the minerals contained in the clay allow to act on the bacteria having caused the acne to make dry the buttons appeared in the face. It thus plays a function of beauty sponge by facilitating the regulation of the secretion of sebum and thus to matify the skin. All these benefits that it presents shows indeed the reason of its use for the masks of the face.