Some of the benefits of opting for apple music

The Apple Music platform was born in the year 2015 after the acquisition of Beats Music by the giant Apple. According to an in-depth study conducted on the subject, it has been proven that today the giant Apple Music has more than 50 million subscribers. It is therefore likely that it has already surpassed the Spotify platform. You are housed on a platform other than Apple Music and you are wondering if it is in your interest to move to Apple Music? Here are some of the reasons to consider.

Get a 90-day free trial

If you are a new user, Apple Music offers you a 90-day free trial to start. During this period, the user can use the application in its entirety without any real restrictions. In this way, the user will be sure to enjoy the full experience of the platform. 

Another big advantage recognized with this platform is that it is easier to transfer playlists from elsewhere to it. So, you can click here if you want to know how to transfer spotify playlist to apple music.

Affordable price

In general, the majority of streaming services offered on music platforms are estimated between 9.99 and 12.99 dollars / month. In the case of Apple Music, for example, the platform offers an ad-free service that costs about $9.99 monthly. Additionally, the platform offers another student program for $4.99. As for its family subscription, it is set at 14.99 dollars / month with a profile of 6 people max.

Play music offline

If you subscribe to an Apple Music subscription, you will be able to enjoy many advantages. For example, you will be able to download music, create playlists that you will then be able to play offline. 

In a nutshell, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Beats 1, new hits and various radio stations. Finally, you will also be able to mix the songs available in the library, to share your playlists with your loved ones...