Some destinations for kitesurfing

Kite is a very entertaining sport that you can practice all over the world. That said, you will need to know your destinations in order to be able to choose one that is within your reach. So what are these destinations where you could kitesurf around the world? Reading this article in full will certainly allow you to be aware of these destinations.

Le Morne in Mauritius and Lancelin in Australia

Among the destinations where you will find the right landscape to practice Kitesurfing is Le Morne. To learn more about destinations where you could kitesurf, find out this here. Discover at the southwestern tip of the Indian Ocean the immense turquoise lagoon bordered by white sand. Indeed, the presence of the mounts gives more power to the wind, which promises particularly pleasant sessions. On top of that, the windy season happily extends into December and even into January at times. This is what leaves a certain latitude in the organization of your stay. Lancelin has huge surprises in store for you on the west coast of Australia, less than two hours north of Perth. Lancelin is not only the best destination for crayfish fishing enthusiasts, but also for kitesurfing enthusiasts. In Lancelin, beginners can enjoy the flat water while the more adventurous are far away in the reefs.

Fortaleza in Brazil and Hamata in Egypt

In addition to the previously listed destinations, you also have Fortaleza, a region where the wind statistics are adequate to plan your Kitesurf sessions there between July and February. In addition, you should know that the water temperature is also stabilized around 20-25°C. Do you know ? In Fortaleza, you will find the best spot (Paracuru) with flat water and waves that delight kitesurfers of all levels. In addition to these destinations, find Hamata a destination nestled in a natural park. Its sandy bottom is totally devoid of rock and corals, which promises kitesurfers to have a pleasant and safe practice for beginners.