Replacing Your Bathtub Faucet - DIY

Replacing the deck mount/bathtub faucet can be tricky, this practice usually depends on the type of toilet, or bathroom installation. But handling this should just be a piece of cake for anyone. In fact, it does not require much expertise. So I have put up some tips that can be of help in to you.

Steps to take before you can replace your Bathtub.

Before you can install your bathtub, you need to follow some instructions carefully for desired results, to know more click here-same The first thing you will do is to turn off the main tap before commencing any work as the water flow can be  uncontrollable for you.  Drain the remaining water in the tap. then,  move to the sink, it  needs to be connected to avoid the risk of overflow during the renovation process. Do not forget to get your tools for instance screwdriver, sealants, adjustable spanner,hack saw and so on.

How to replace dismantling the faucet

This can be done in a few steps, but somewhat difficult: Firstly detach the water the pipe from its source. Therefore, the confluence between hot and cold water should be unscrewed. Next, open the drain pipe to drain the valve. Then loose the flange and nut found on the other side of the bathroom wall.  Finally, before installing the new valve, the seals must be removed and the clamps cleaned. It is also recommended to clean impurities such as scale first.

After removing the faucet from the bathroom, you now need to reinstall it. The latter must be connected to the bathroom. You will need to connect all the components correctly and install the flanges to ensure water resistance, the last step is the easiest. You must open the valve first. The hot and cold water pipes must be closed. Then apply the sealant to prevent water leak and tighten the threaded rod. After which you should insert the hose into the bathtub. Next, apply another seal  to the front of the composite board. Finally, re-tighten the parts and adjust the connecting rod. To make the faucet work, just switch on the water and try the new bathtub.