Getting around Cancun easily

There are many ways to get around Cancun. However, some people don't know which way to go fast. In this article, you will discover how to get around Cancun quickly.


In Mexican cities, the most reliable, fast and cheapest way is Uber Cancun . All you have to do is install the Uber application on your smartphone or computer to take advantage of this service. This application does not require any subscription; you just need to be connected to a wifi network. 
By using Uber, you don't pay anything to the driver since all the fees are already paid in advance. You are spared any discussion unless you want to chat with your driver. In Cancun, as in all other major cities in Mexico, Uber is the most popular and reliable way to get around.


As in all other cities, cabs are considered the most convenient and economical means of transportation. Outside of the capital city, cabs have almost no meter. To avoid these inconveniences, you'd better find out the current rates before taking a cab. However, in some cities, there is an official tariff for cabs. 
However, in Cancun, you don't have to worry about it; cabs are equipped with meters. It is enough that the driver starts. Moreover, if you make at least 3 to take the cab, no matter the distance, the ratio between the cab and bus fees is close. In addition, several measures have been taken by cab terminals to protect you from all kinds of scams. So, take advantage of the cab.