Chinese government debunks anal swab allegation from the US

After several reports in the media suggest that Chinese authorities subjected American officials to anal tests for COVID-19, the Chinese government has debunked such rumors. A spokesperson for the foreign ministry insisted that no such action was done to government officials. 

No anal swabs test was done on American diplomats - the Chinese government 

China has waved off, the allegation that it mandated US officials to take an anal test for COVID-19. Various media outlets had reported in the US that Beijing had compelled diplomats from the country to pass through the test. While there was a truth that some cities in China have introduced that test type, 

Chinese said it hasn't forced anyone to pass through it. The claim in some regions that an anal COVID-19 test will hasten the detection rate. China has done well to bring COVID-19 under control after the first case shown in November 2019. A spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry Zhao Lijian has debunked such claims saying it only happened in the figment of information of the media. 

Chinese doctor confirms potency of the anal swab test

Early last week, a top US media has said some Chinese officials had been required to do an anal test. However, there is no proof to know if this happened or not. The Chinese government had introduced anal swabs early this year according to respiratory and infectious expert Li Tongzeng. He also confirmed that this test is more authentic as it detects early coronavirus than the mouth and nose swabs. 

He also clarified that not everyone is subjected to these tests, but some quarantine citizens. Social media was agog when the news broke with many claiming it was false news to discredit China as usual. They also claimed China's efforts in handling coronavirus were underrated. 

There has been a lot of feuds between China and the US over the COVID-19 virus, with the former US President calling it a 'China flu'. However, some Chinese have slammed America, saying China handled the virus better than 'so-called' world power.