Checking the validity of an e-mail: how to go about it ?

Today, the risk of scams and in particular of data piracy is growing in almost all areas of activity such as the digital sector. So, to counter this phenomenon in the case of email addresses, it is important to know how to check each email you receive. In this content, we offer you some ideas to check the validity of an email. 

Checking the validity of an e-mail using software 

Checking an e-mail address is a principle that everyone should put into practice in their daily lives to avoid any possible hacking. Indeed, thanks to the progress of new technologies, it is easier to check whether an email is valid or not. You can for example use an email verification tool to do this. There is a multitude of software to establish the veracity of any email. These also allow you to find out if the email address in question exists or if it is a source of hacking of personal data. With a verification tool, it is possible to quickly verify an email as well as a complete and large list of emails at once. In order to use these programs, you just need to download one of them and follow the instructions. Some email verification tools charge a fee, while others offer free online verification.

Checking the validity of an e-mail using the classic method 

Checking an email using the classic method consists of a manual verification, taking into account the basic notions. First of all, it should be noted that an e-mail address never ends with a dot or has two dots in a row. If you notice these details, the e-mail in question is incorrect and invalid. Apart from that, it should be noted that the domain of an e-mail may vary depending on the server. In order to avoid that you miss a detail during the verification, it is recommended to use a software.